Monday, September 15, 2014


Well, I HAD planned on going to the zoo with the family so that this weekending post wouldn't be only photos of shop stuff, but alas and alack, our radiator blew on the way to the zoo.  Luckily, Katie was able to give us a ride home.

Here is a picture of one of my support staff.  She's in charge of making sure that I have a dog to pet.
 This is the cool FasTurn apparatus that Taya lent/gave me to use for making drawstrings.  It's pretty amazing.
 And, it always seams (ha, see what I did there?) like when I make myself a deal like 'I will Just finish stitching THIS and then go to the bathroom', that's when something goes screwy.  This time, I broke a needle among other things.  I had to pirate the needle from the Viking to continue because I lent all of mine out during Camelot prep.
 I finished 3 big totes on Saturday-along with 4 knot bags.
 This dog makes me laugh so hard with his sleeping on his back with his mouth hanging open routine.
 Yesterday was label day, so I labeled mini skeins for the shop.
 I use address labels that I then cut out and keep on the backer paper.  I stick it to itself in a loop around the mini skein.
 I am also trying to be better about having a thorough inventory before and after the show.
 And, well, I wasn't really gonna share this yet, but I have decided to budget my calories with a goal towards weight reduction.  On weigh in days, I am going to start taking a selfie to mark progress in a pictorial way.  I am down 18 lb from February.
This week will be filled with more prep for the show this coming weekend. Not.  Panicking.

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