Thursday, December 26, 2013

Workin' It 12/26/2013

Yesterday was Christmas and we had a lovely day with family, so this week, I will post my works today instead of Wednesday!

I hand painted some shirts this week.

I made these shirts to go with the pajama pants that I made for the boys.  O wanted Star Trek, Li Star Wars.  I did a image search and drew the images with a marking pencil before I painted.  I think I did a pretty good job.
   This one we did for my mom.  O and Li's hands are the antlers, Ray's thumb is the nose, my thumbs are the eyes and ears.  It turned out way cute!

This I made for a fellow Whovian friend of mine.  Again, I did an image search, penciled on the image, then painted with t-shirt paint.  I have plans to make one for myself too.
I also finished up the boys Christmas socks...They both say that they are very comfy.

While Lego-ing was happening, I took the opportunity to ply some yarn.
 I plan on cable plying these two together today.
Lego-ing in their new jimmijams.

And I had a bit of a Christmas day knitters tragedy.  When we headed to my dads house, I grabbed up my shawl which you may see I have made my way towards the yellow on, and we went on our sleepy and merry way.  We get there, I greet everyone, and I sit to knit.  I knit one row-and then-my needle tip separated from the cable.  I sat there and tried to ootch the cable back throughout the dangling stitches but there was just a little bump of glue on the end that made it hard to do.  Then I had a bright Idea-'Daaaaad?  Do you have any shish kabob skewers?'.  Luckily, he did.  So I ootched the stitches onto one.  However, as I did that, I lost MORE stitches, so needed another skewer to save them as well.  So, this week, I am gonna have to spend some time correcting this mistake.  I am sad not only because there are over a hundred stitches that need saving, but because this was only the 3rd or 4th project that I have done on these needles.  I really liked them too!

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